About Us

Prisha Tours is a travel and tour company that shares your passion, energy, and dedication in exploring the world, pushing traveling limits at its widest! We feed your sense of wanderlust and offer you any type of travel you are craving for.

Anytime, Anywhere -that is our motto.

This company is created by a traveler for travelers. It is built from diverse experiences and with anticipation for the number of things that makes a travel and holiday experience the best! So if you are bitten by the travel bug, then come, join us as we explore the world.

As they say, traveling turns one into a storyteller. So, whether you want to travel America, Europe, Asia or Australia. We are there.

You want to go on an exclusive thrilling adventure tour. Pilgrimage for spiritual awakening. Experience Family-friendly, farm experience. Sail through the world on a cruise ship. Travel in luxury train. We are there!

As global travelers, we want you to go out there, fly and voyage through excitement and adventure. Explore the ‘world’, what we call as ‘home’!