Malaysia Tour

About Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southern Asian country that includes 13 states and 3 federal territories. It obtains a total landmass of 330,803 sq km that is separated by the South China Sea into two likewise sized regions- the Malaysia Bomeo and Peninsular Malaysia. Whereas the Peninsula flaunts bustling cities, Malaysia Bomeo comprises wild jungles, remote tribes, tea plantations, and beautiful colonial architecture and granite peaks. The nation displays a perfect balance of modern amenities and natural habitats.

Malaysia Culture

Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-culture land. Its culture is classified into three major ethnic groups- Chinese, Malays, and Indians and the native Malaysians. The Malays up around 57% of the population, followed by the Chinese with about 25%, and Indians with around 7%. Other ethnic communities consist of Burmese, Sikh, Thai, Eurasian, and others.

The tribal people are the oldest native inhabitants of Malaysia who account for around 5% of the total population. They mostly stand for Sabah and Sarawak. They are known as the Orang Asli that means original people. The Sarawak or Dayak tribes, who live in longhouses and are either Bidayuh (land Dayak) or Iban (Sea Dayak). The Bahasa Malaysia or Malay language is the national language, whereas English is the second most well-liked. Other languages include Tamil, Thai, Chinese, etc.

In Sabah, most tribes fall under the term Kadazan. Every of Malaysia’s tribal population usually share a strong spiritual bond with the rain forest. The population of Malaysia is about 29 million people. Religious freedom is practiced, where 50% of Malaysians are Muslims; whereas, other parts mostly consist of Buddhist Hindu, Christians, Catholic, Taoist, and others. You will be able to witness and enjoy the several cultural and religious festivals throughout the year in Malaysia. Cultural and religious festivals are a way of life in Malaysia. With a varied cultural spread, you will find at least one festival every month. Celebrations include many religious and ethnic customs, which are unique in their own way.

Malaysia Cuisine

Food of Malaysia is a potpourri of flavors, from rice to noodles to meat and a vegetarian delicacy, Malaysia has the whole thing to provide for the perfect gastronomic experience. Especially, Malaysian food is greatly influenced by Thai, Indonesia, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The combinations of spices used in several popular dishes are influenced by extend of use.

Generally, the Malay food is spicy. The cuisine is not always essentially chilli-hot per se, however at least there will always, be a chilli-based sambal on hand. Traditional Southeast Asian spices and herbs meet Indian, Chinese spices in Malaysian food and Middle Eastern, leading to fragnant combinations of coriander and cumin (the basis of several Malay curries) with cardamom, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, fenugreek and star anise. Malaysian desserts are magnificently colorful and creative, with layered rice flour and coconut sweets, sweet coconut rice balls, multi-layered butter cake known as Lapis Legit. A well-liked dessert is Kueh Bahulu, which are the mini sponge cakes that are dipped in black coffee.

Some of the most recommended recopies to try in Malaysia:

  • Roti Canai: A common meal to have for breakfast, is a flatbread that is first twirled and then grilled, and is normally served with curry and dhal for dipping.
  • Nasi Lemak: Basically translates to ‘fatty rice’ and it lives up to its names- rice cooked with coconut milk, and served with sambal, slices of cucumber, fried anchovies, boiled egg and fried ground nuts.
  • Satay: Chunks of meat marinated with a blend of local spices, lightly grilled to perfection and skewered.
  • Bak Kut Teh: Translates roughly to ‘meat bone tea’. It is a highly popular soup dish- pork ribs together with mushrooms, tofu, garlic and herbs are simmered for a couple of hours, and then eaten with either noodles or rice.
  • Nasi Kandar: A great rice dish- steamed rice with several Malay-Indian dishes.
  • Cendol: The traditional dessert cendol is the green worm-like jelly made of rice flour, and combined with shaved ice, red beans, and palm sugar.
  • Asam Pedas: It is a fish dish that is like a lot of dishes in Malaysia, normally enjoyed with a plate of rice Asam pedas means ‘sour spicy’.

Malaysia Shopping

With so many beautiful and unique things to buy in Kuala Lumpur, it’s difficult to decide what to buy first. But, there are five things you should not miss if you are in KL on a shopping trip.


One of the first must buys in KL is electronics. Diverse neighboring Thailand, electronics in Malaysia are often made in the country that means you can get great deals if you are prepared to comparison shop.

Look for cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Casio and more are all here), DVD players, mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops, and even electronic household products, such as coffee makers and rice cookers that can be bought for reasonable prices.

Batik Fabric:

One of Malaysia’s most significant and unusual handicrafts is batik. It is a fabric on which wax is used to make patterns on the cloth, that’s then dyed with varied colored dyes to generate gorgeous designs.

Malaysian batik is fascinating as, unlike batik in Singapore or Thailand, most of Malay batik has leaves, flowers, or trees on it as, under traditional Muslim law, animals, and people aren’t allowed to be used as a design.

Pewter Ware:

Malaysia is local pewter ware, another thing to buy in KL. It can be seen all over KL, in craft stores at local markets, in souvenir shops, in shopping malls, and also at high-end area of expertise shops.

Traditional Chinese Medicines and Herbs-with its big Chinese population, KL has numerous shops and market stalls selling traditional Chinese herbs and medicines. All from traditional remedies to cure headaches, stomach aches, asthma, and incontinence to herbs utilized in Chinese dishes, you will find it all in KL.

Malaysian snacks:

Last in top five list of must buy items in KL are traditional Malay snacks, such as curry puffs or rice sweets wrapped in banana leaves.

Places of Attraction

Kuala Lumpur:

It is a quiet tin-mining town in West Malaysia. Commonly called KL by locals, this vibrant city is a cultural melting pot, well-known for its impressive skyscrapers and buzzing scebes of shopping and dining. The city is featured with its pleasant and most striking Petronas Towers, Mederka square, Chinatown, and Golden Triangles.


Penang Island is a popular tourist destination because of its historic George Town and rich culinary diversity and is located in the Strait of Malacca off west Malaysia’s northwestern coast.


The place is an archipelago of 99 islands rainforest, mangroves, boasting picturesque beaches, and forest-clad mountains. In Langkawi the visitors experience the archipelago’s exceptional natural beauty.

Cameron Highlands:

The Cameron Highlands in Titiwangsa Mountains are one of the Malaysia’s oldest tourist destinations. The place abounds in sprawling tea plantations and colorful flower farms.

Day 1:

Kuala Lumpur- Petalling Jaya

Day 2:

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (Petalling Jaya) TICKET ONLY

The park is alienated into diverse themed lands in Wild West and the Waters of Africa, each boasting their own exciting desirability. Get wet for water splash rides on the Voodoo Adventure River and from the toboggans the heart stopping adrenaline rush rides. Returning to dry land, try the inverted pirate ship, the roller coaster, or some of the other many attractions. A fantastic day for all!

*Please note on the closure of the Wave Pool area due to the technical issue with the pool.

Area Affected: Wave Pool “Tour services stands confirmed, entry ticket/s would be subject to availability’. Immediately after checking entry tickets availability, we shall reconfirm this tour shortly.

Emergency contact no: +91 9999598763/ +91 9810150966.

Day 3:

Petaling Jaya-Penang Island Half Day free time in Penang, there is no service included; you may spend time, according to your interest.

Day 4:

HD Round Island Discovery (Penang Island)

A tour of gorgeous and fascinating Penang Island and her attractions while passing vistas at every turn on the western part of the island.


  • Drive past the popular Batu Ferringhi beach lined with beach from international hotels and tourist shops.
  • Visit a Malay House for a glimpse of how our local villagers live.
  • Visit a Batik Factory to learn how our most popular fabric is made.
  • Drive by Telok Bahang dam, fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations, and clove.
  • Visit the Snake Temple and learn why these poisonous pit vipers adorn the altars, pillars, beams and potted plants within the temple.
  • Optional visit to O & E Jewellery factory- the most renowned jewelry factory in Malaysia.
  • Make a photo stop en route to view the Penang Bridge which spans 17 kilometer to mainland.

Pick up time: 9.00am- 9.30am


  • Pick up from hotel and drop off to hotel
  • Entrance fee

Half Day free time in Penang Island, there is no service included; you may spend time according to your interest.

Day 5 :

Ferry Terminal (Penang Island)

Pick up from hotel and drop to ferry terminal.

Hotel (Langkawi) Arrival at Ferry terminal and transfer to city hotel.

Half day free time in Langkawi, there is no service included; you may spend time according to your interest.

Day 6:

Full day Langkawi Grand Tour (Langkawi)


  • Visit Malaysia’s largest crocodile farm.
  • Visit Langkawi Bird Park, Bird paradise & discover 2500 birds in the biggest bird park in Langkawi.
  • Discover the unusual ‘Black Sand Beach’.
  • Visit Gallery Perdana (Prime Minister’s Gallery)-housing awards and interesting gifts and souvenirs acquired by the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  • Air Hangat Village
  • Visit the cultural village & enjoy the natural hot water springs which is believe to rejuvenate the mind & soul.
  • Visit Underwater World- Asia’s biggest aquarium featuring ‘live’- more than 5,000 marine and freshwater specimens.
  • Drive pass Pantai Cenang, the most famous beach on the Island.
  • Visit Mahsuri Memorial- resting place of the legendary Malay Princess.
  • Visit Eagle Square, the most outstanding landmark and its magnificent symbol of Langkawi.

Pick up time: 9.00am – 9.30am


  • Pick up from hotel and drop off to hotel
  • Entrance fee

Day 7:

Hotel Langkawi International Airport

Check out from Hotel and get transferred to Langkawi International Airport for your further journey.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport- kuala Lumpur Hotel. (Kuala Lumpur)

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival at the Airport you will be met by our local representative who will transfer you to city hotels.

Half day | City tour (Kuala Lumpur):

City of Digital lights: As its name suggests, this one-of-its kind attraction presents a ‘lightscape’ illuminated with over a million LED lights. It also features outdoor theme park rides set in a ‘forest’ of maples and pines of jewel-toned luminosity.

Among the rides are the spacewalk, traditional favourite- a double-decker carousel, a superswing. There is also a Snowalk : The first in South East Asia, this 50,000 sq. ft. frozen environment features 100 tonnes of ice sculptures shaped by a team of 30 of the best sculptors from China, Harbin.

Minimum 2 adults


  • Pick up from hotel and drop off to hotel

Day 8:

Full Day free time in Kuala lumpur, there is no service included; you may spend time according to your interest.

Day 9:

Half day time in Kuala lumpur, there is no service included; you may spend time according to your interest.

Check out from Hotel and get transferred to the Airport for your journey to further destination.


  • 2 Night’s accommodation in Langkawi at the Bella Vista Waterfront Resort & Spa
  • 2 Night’s accommodation in Penang Island at the Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang
  • 2 Night’s accommodation In Kuala Lumpur at the Ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Fraser business Park
  • Depending on your vehicle selection during customization or operating in SIC basis, all sightseeing, and tours as per the itinerary, airport transfers, & City to City transfers will be done.
  • Penang to Langkawi Ferry Ticket.
  • Sunway to Penang Transfers on private basis
  • Complementary Local Sim.
  • Resort fee is not included it has to be paid by guest directly at the time of check In.
  • Inclusive of all present applicable taxes.


  • 50% supplement for arrival/departure transfer between 10 pm- 7 am.
  • Domestic Flight (LGK-KUL)
  • Beverages NOT included in the quotation
  • Peak/festival period surcharge
  • Entrance fee (unless specified)
  • Visas & Airfare Entrance Fee
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out
  • Drive & Guide Tipping
  • Luggage truck & Portar
  • If city/ tourist taxes/ resort fees are applied then the same will be payable to the visitor directly at apartment/ hotel.

Hotel Accommodations for this tour

Hotel which have been tested in the past by us and are good value of money.

City Selected Hotels Room Details Meal Plan Amenities Vehicle for this tour
Petaling Jaya Sunway Clio Hotel (4 Star) Room 1: Deluxe Plus Room Only Type : Seat in Coach (SIC) or Similar
Penang Island Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang (3 Star) Room 1: Run Of House Room Full Breakfast
Langkaw i Bella Vista Waterfront Resort &Spa; (3 Star) Double Deluxe BED AND BREAKFAST
Bali Best Western Resort Kuta (3 Star) Room 1: Superior Room Room Only
Kuala Lumpur Ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park (3 Star) Room 1: Double Standard BED AND BREAKFAST

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